Empowering Women

Denise’s passion is to help women become confident, motivated and successful. Realizing after talking to women there is a need among women to feel empowered, she created the TV show Empowering Women.  When asked about her experience hosting the show, Denise replied, “It is amazing to have so many incredible women on the show providing valuable information to the audience watching and help inspire them to develop the confidence they need to live their dreams”.

Empowering Women Interview Dr. Hollis Batista

Empowering Women Interview with Pam Weigand

Empowering Women Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Empowering Women, a show to help empower and inspire you. This first episode features Dionne Malush explaining how a positive mindset has helped her professionally and personally, Joy Bufalini a mindset coach who will help get the negativity out of your head, and Connie Ruhl the executive director of the Chamber and a school board member. I hope you enjoy this episode. 

Empowering Women Episode 2

This episode features Cori Wamsley, an editor and author give her tips on writing a book, Victoria Bush a mobile notary explaining what documents are essential to have, and Mary Ann Ernette warning women who may be thinking of divorce why to seek financial counsel. I hope you enjoy this episode.

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