Stop Networking Now!


If you read this title you probably think I lost my mind. That is what some of my fellow members of a networking group I belong to thought when I told them I was not rejoining. “But you have to network” people keep telling me.

Let me clarify, I still network but now I network smart. The problem I find with networking is everyone goes to networking events and joins groups to keep making connections. Some people treat it like a game to collect as many business cards as they can. Is that really networking? 

For the past three years I have joined free networking groups and fee paid networking groups. I have even collected my fair share of business cards. I realized that in my eternal search for the “perfect” connection, I am missing out on developing relationships with people I have met previously. The only way people will refer business to you is if they know what you do and that can’t be accomplished by listening to someone’s sixty second commercial in a networking setting.

My new focus is reconnecting with people I have met and building those relationships. Isn’t this the true definition of networking, building mutually beneficial relationships?

Until the next blog, Keep Speaking!